OWAs in Bahmni?

Continuing the discussion from Cohort builder implementation guide:

Originally the only add-on technology for OpenMRS was “OpenMRS Modules” (OMODs). More recently, there’s a more lightweight way of packaging add-ons that work at the web layer only, based on Open Web Apps (OWAs).

The Bahmni installer allows you to point to URLs of OMODs to be downloaded and installed. (example)

We should add similar support for OWAs, right? Any pros or cons?

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+1 Absolutely!

I agree, I think adding support for OWAs on Bahmni is an awesome idea.

+1 It’s a good idea to integrate with OWAs

Having OWA, in bahmni its just a great deal for me. Hoping am on the right forum it would be done on the next bahmni release.

Well not the very next release but it could be part of release 0.91 thanks to @binduak’s work on BAH-314. However this is not going to be an intricate mixup of UI components within Bahmni Apps, it’s rather an entire app whose UI will be provided through an OWA. But at least this will pave the way to the former.

See here ‘Supporting OpenMRS Reporting Module reports in the Bahmni Reports App (Quick fix, BAH-314)’ for the Talk thread about this ticket.