OWA Generator and NodeJS 4.x

I recently ran into an issue building an OWA that was scaffolded using the OWA generator in an old dev environment running NodeJS 4.x. This line in webpack.config.js seemed to be the source of the issue, and resulted in the following stacktrace: https://hastebin.com/arudetufij.rb

Upgrading to NodeJS 6.x fixed the issue, but a few questions:

  • Is NodeJS 4.x still widely used, and if so, has anyone run into similar issues?
  • If the issue is confirmed, is the preferred approach to update the code (and ensure any new code doesn’t cause similar issues), or end support for NodeJS 4.x (noting that 4.x is now ‘end of life’ as of April 2018)? If NodeJS 4.x is no longer supported/recommended, this should be updated in the owa generator README template, OWA workflow wiki page, and possibly other files/pages.

I did run into the exact problem, last week. Upgrading node is also what i did.

+1 to just changing the instructions to say Node JS 6+… :slight_smile:

Yeah, the README should definitely be updated. I’ll take care of it.

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Cheers, thanks @pascal. I’ve updated the OWA workflow wiki page to indicate use of NodeJS 6+.