OWA download with openmrs-sdk

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I am new to OpenMRS. I am trying to get an OWA module to be downloaded by the openmrs sdk. I declared the module name in openmrs-distro.properties and uploaded the module to bintray https://bintray.com/vecnacares/owa/ideliver.ui/0.1.0

However, it looks like the SDK is only looking at openmrs owa repository on bintray. Is this correct?

If so, is there anyway or plan to allow searching packages from other repositories?

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did you see https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Open+Web+Application ?

Once you make the first release you are welcome to apply for your OWA to be listed under https://bintray.com/openmrs/owa among other OWAs for better recognition within the OpenMRS community. Simply ask for your OWA to be linked on Bintray by posting to Repo Management on Talk. Don’t forget to include its Bintray URL in your post. Anyone, who is a member of the OpenMRS org on Bintray can go to the provided Bintray URL, click “Link”, type in “/openmrs/owa” for the repo name and click the “tick” icon next to it to include the OWA.

Once you do that your OWA will be available via SDK.

Update: I’ve just linked it for you.

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Thank you!

@odusabimana, I clicked through here and I noticed that although the package on bintray says GPL 3.0, the gitlab repo it links to is private.

I’d be interested to check out what you all are working on!

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We haven’t really done anything :slight_smile: We are still setting things up that’s why the repo was still private. I’ve made it public and also update the license to MPL 2 as other openmrs modules.