Overhaul the ID Dashboard user management dashboard: Next Steps

Congratulations to @dmytro.trifonov! It was a difficult decision but I’m 100% confident this will be a fun and productive summer!

Next steps:

See @michael’s post below:

As for the project itself: Take the weekend and relax and go celebrate! Next week, let’s touch base and plan out the project. I want it to be successful.


Let me know when you have some time so we can plan this out in a bit more detail.

Hi, Robert!

What way for of discussion do you prefer: video/audio call, or hangout chat? Or something else? I will find time for discussion during this week, what time do you prefer?

Per @michael’s recent post, we must do this over IRC/Telegram publicly…Since I would prefer both of us – I prefer Telegram but we have an IRC bot gateway.

I saw and liked your plan for the frontend design but we need to think very carefully about how we do the backend I’d prefer not to bring things down. I assume you are still thinking of React (I like that) – maybe think about the components and how things will be connected to each other (if any). I’m totally willing to do ES6/ES2015 here – inheritance will buy us a lot. Definitely consider a material design UI – it’s purdy.

I want to involve @michael @ryan, @maany (these 3 are going to be the occasional users so their opinion matters), @plypy(my backup, his opinion matters), and @elliott(if he wants to be part of the this discussion)

I will post a more detailed idea of where I see it going later this week.

@dmytro.trifonov, I’d also like you to participate in the IRC scrum meeting – it’s a way I can track your progress easily (in addition to your blogging and periodic PR’s :slight_smile:

@dmytro.trifonov, are you available to chat on either Telegram or IRC? We’d do so in the OpenMRS Chat in either case. I’d like to touch-base and see how you’re doing.

We could also use uberconference for discussions over voice/video(screenshare) :smiley:

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That would be nice too!

@dmytro.trifonov, Sorry for missing on Saturday - you were earlier than agreed, sorry! However, getting a tad worried you haven’t come back at all :slight_smile: – I don’t want you dropping out! We need to plan. I"m in Atlantic City,NJ right now however but can set aside some time.

We can also do it here…I know you detailed your plan in your proposal, but let’s make that public now.

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Just so that it’s all public, we will meet Monday, May 9 at 22:00 UTC in the Telegram chat/IRC channel.

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@dmytro.trifonov, I need you to be more active on Talk, and/or IRC/Telegram. If you are not more active, then I have to fail you right off the bat.

Let’s continue the discussion over in Overhaul The User Management Dashboard.