Overhaul of the Visits Page and Encounter Lists page (also called patient dashboard)

We all know that the two most problematic pages but ones which have the most capability are the visits and patient dashboard pages that show encounters.

I am starting this thread to collect ideas for how such an overhaul can be undertaken to help drive this very necessary change forward

The scenarios off the top of my head, As a user I would like to:

  1. See a summary of the visits the patient has had with the ability to drill down into the encounters on the visits as well as the actual data collected
  2. See a summary of encounters a patient has had
  3. Be able to filter the list of encounters by visit or encounter type or location (would the location change in the patient header do this)
  4. Filter the patient visits, and encounter data by specific data elements - observations, drugs, allergies, orders
  5. View the details of an encounter in a similar form as it was collected, print the form and download it (Print to PDF?)
  6. Have my “developers” customize the layout and display of the different screens

Looking forward to your comments and input

Not sure if this is covered with the various scenarios, but our current visit page shows highlights for each “section” within a template (ie. diagnosis, exam findings, history, lab tests ordered, drugs rx). That way users don’t need to drill down to open the whole form.

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