Outpatient Routing using the Reference App

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.5

Question: Our Maternity Hospital will have inpatients and a number of areas that will treat outpatients. All patients will route via reception where they will be registered if not known and then routed to the right clinic. I would like to use OpenMRS to provide a first in first out queuing system for this clinics.

So reception will need to assign a patient to a clinic and the clinic view a list of waiting patients in arrival order.

Can anyone suggest the easiest way to implement this?

Is this of any help? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Appointment+Scheduling+Module

The workflow that you’re asking for is not supported out of the box in the Reference Application.

You would need to write code to add this (or, get someone to write code). Are you in a position to do this? If so, then people on this forum can advise on how to do it.

Daniel, thanks the description comes close - we will rarely use appointments as most activity is through walk-ins. Do you know if this can be easily installed beside the currentl OpenMRS core?

Darius, thank you. Given time we could could produce something, but my preference is not to code or even have others do it if it takes us away from the mainstream.

Paul, what you’re asking for (at reception, route them to a different location, and have a queue for each of those location) seems like a reusable feature, so if you were to have developers work on this it could become a mainstream feature.

The Bahmni distribution does support this via its configurable Patient Lists feature. (You’d have to write a medium-difficulty SQL query to configure it.)

If anyone out there has the skill and capability to do this quickly and in a form that would be accepted as part of the “mainstream” then I would seriously consider funding. Perhaps better to message me privately with proposals.

@mafrica you may consider posting this on the Development talk category.