Organized a Meetup

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Hello, community,
I’ve had an amazing journey with OpenMRS so far and it is because of the amazing people here that I love being a part of this community. I would like to share that recently I organized a meetup for my college juniors telling them about the amazing world of Open Source. I also told them about GSOC and OpenMRS and my experience working with the organization. We also covered some standard guidelines and best practices for contributing to Open Source. It was an amazing session and I hope to see more contributors to OpenMRS projects soon.
Thanks to @isears @omgbemena for encouraging me to share this on talk.


Wowww!!! I just love this. It is so cool. Thanks @codepoet2017390 for organising and sharing it.


Very cool @codepoet2017390

Opensource is good for everyone: the devs who work on it and the people who use it. I wish I had known more about it when I was in school!


@codepoet2017390 thank you for organising and spreading the OpenMRS gospel :+1:

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@codepoet2017390 ohh this sounds sweet thanks for that effort and send our warm greetings to all of them

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Its so encouraging. Am also trying to reach out to the community to encourage student to join GCI.

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@codepoet2017390 where was the meetup?

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My pleasure @dkayiwa.

Thanks for your constant support and encouragement Isaac.

I organized the meetup at my University in NewDelhi, India.