Organisation's Homepage: Missing hyperlinks in navigation bar

Hello! Organisation’s home page: now doesn’t contain any hyperlinks in the navigation bar. Initially, it had links to IRC, Telegram, Wiki, Issues and more.

Now it just shows a grey(black bar) with an option to ‘hide’ or ‘show’ the bar. Please have a look at this bug. :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Hello! I was talking about this bar: (The grey bar at top, just above the OpenMRS’s Logo)

Do u have a screenshot of how it used to look like, initially?

Unfortunately, not. :frowning:

Should I ask if anyone has a screenshot, in the telegram group?

How did you know that it initially looked different?

Hi @dkayiwa! I don’t have an old screenshot either, however it’s not so hard to find one in the Internet. Here it is: Also, this problem is not only on website, but on all OpenMRS-related ones :wink:

I have visited quite a few times earlier. It showed all links fine till a day before yesterday. Yesterday, I came across this bug.

Ps. I’m a GCI participant so I visited the site for a task

Yes, exactly these links. Though the UI has been a little modified and links to telegram room chat and GCI were added in the bar :slight_smile:

Also, here is the one I found on @f4ww4z video on how to use Talk. However this can be really outdated since it’s almost been a year already

I know what happened… I might have a copy on my laptop…but when @cintiadr rebuilt the vm that ID Dashboard is on, the flatfile db for globalnavbar wasn’t included in the backup and thus is now missingck

Okay – I went back and added the links again – not sure if I missed anything.

No, you didn’t miss any link. All important and useful links are now present. Thanks! :smile:

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Yeah, I did learn it last weekend, when dashboard VM had to be recreated.

I discovered that the person who moved Dashboard to the new infrastructure didn’t bother to create backups of the data for the global navigation bar.


Hello @cintiadr, it’s all resolved now. Cheers! :smiley:

Thanks @satvikshri for reporting this! :slight_smile:

Thanks @r0bby and @cintiadr for looking into it!