Ordering Provider / Consulting services through Bahmni Orders

Our experience shows, in most cases, consulting doctors prefer traditional paper-pad method over computer based system for writing clinical assessments and the hospital management’s top priority is mainly accurate billing and accounting. In this context, it becomes very difficult for the support staff (nurses) to login using provider’s account for the clinical data entry purpose.

As Bahmni syncs only Drug, Lab and Radiology orders with ERP auto generating quotation becomes difficult. Hence for any billing, the billing clerk has to solely rely on the papers produced by the patient. The billing affects in case if any paper gets lost.

Having a facility to order consulting services through Bahmni->Clinical->Consultation->Orders is the fastest workaround for without any code level changes. This automatically generates the billing for the selected consulting services ensuring no loss of billing through paper based system. OPD Billing Demo: https://youtu.be/IWLgOwBca9g IPD Billing Demo: https://youtu.be/39WP7rXczQc

Note that this is a workaround and adds the respective provider services as a Concept in OpenMRS with class as Radiology. In this case consider

  1. Renaming “Radiology Orders” group on patient dashboards to “Orders”.
  2. Filtering of orders in “Orders” and “Consultation” only for consistent display purpose