Orderentry UI - entering in results

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Question: I have added a lab order via the Orderentry UI and it displays as ‘pending and awaiting results’.

Where do you actually add the result linked to that order?

Hi @lwgeorge

For now, the Order Entry UI app itself does not have the functionality of entering the results of an order, it can only be used to create the orders(Lab and Drug).

And, you should also ignore the “pending” and “awaiting results” table, they have been removed already(latest build) as all the orders are now displayed on the Orders List page.

I hope this helps.

Thank-you for your help, I don’t suppose if you know if anyone has started work on linking results to the order?

We here at PIH have actually just started working on a “lab workflow” OWA that will allow for linking results to orders, as well as handling some basic lab workflows for specimen tracking. Nothing much to show yet, but the code base is here. There should be more there in the coming weeks:

Take care, Mark

Ah brilliant.

Does your workflow include creating orders when the Dr captures orders for e.g. labs in a clinical note/form as part of the treatment plan for the patient (SOAP note format)

Hi @lwgeorge,

Yes, the idea is that the standalone Lab Order page that you’ve seen will be dropped into the SOAP-ish workflow we have that @ball wrote up here.

Hope that helps!