Order sync from ERP to EMR

Order created in EMR is synced to ERP as quotation. That is working fine. But what we are looking for is order created in ERP should get reflected in patient’s dashboard. Is it possible? What changes do I need to make?

You will have to create a custom control for the dashboard and use APIs to get information. @mksrom had something like this working. So does @laxman I think

@angshuonline @mksrom An example or reference link would help.

Hey any update on this?

Also interested in this…

Hi guys,

Yes we’ve developed an OpenMRS module for that. It’s not exactly ‘syncing’ order back to OpenMRS, but it’s providing the ability to query Odoo orders from the OpenMRS API.

I think the readme is self-sufficient, but you can also look at this thread for an example on how the frontend can consume the endpoint.

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