Order Entry UI Sprint 9 Progress

Hey guys, hope all is well.

We began Sprint 9 to modify and implement a new layout for certain sections of the application provided by the new mockup (Consolidated Order Entry - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki) done by @ddesimone also I would like to inform every one of the progress we are currently making to archive these.

The sprint objectives are

  • The application should have an orders homepage that lists all orders and is filterable/sortable
  • Each type of order would have different details to display
  • Orders saved to the draft list should be shared across all pages within the ordering app
  • Users can continue to add orders of different types to the draft list

Achieved Objectives

  • Getting lab orderables as well as concept sets dynamically
  • Homepage that lists all orders
  • Orders saved to the draft list can be displayed across all order pages
  • Hovering over a panel would display the test included in that panel

Subtasks created for some of this features are still been implemented at the time of the post and will be completed soon.

subtasks are:

  • Fixing the toggle urgency action for lab orders
  • Enabling users to edit a drug order from the draft list as well as from the orders page

Features remaining

  • Filtering/sorting through all orders.
  • Ordering from sets

Sprint 9 JIRA Board https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=167&projectKey=OEUI&selectedIssue=OEUI-232

Github Repo:

CC: @ddesimone, @dkayiwa, @tunmi, @efosa, @jeiddiah, @rhenshaw56, @michael, @darius

Here are screenshots of the current state of the application at the time of this post.

Can you share some screenshots to accompany the progress report?

Sure I can do that.

Glad to see the improvements :blush:

Some bit suggestions here,

  • Normally we don’t align the details to the center alignment since it may have the sentence. So it would be better to align for left.
  • The arrow in the date is used for the expanding & close. Since the expanding is only happening for details column, It would be better to add the arrow to the details. So it will expand & close only for that row.
  • Does it keep the consistent with other OWAs? I think the breadcrumps is missing and the header(“contains Orders List”) is missing the background

Thanks, @suthagar23 for your suggestions.

Meanwhile, with regards the arrow in the date that indicates an expandable accordion, I would like you to note that the detail shown when the accordion is expanded is not just related to just the details column, the expansion happens when you click on any part of the accordion, be it the date, status or detail column, The initial information displayed in the columns is actually meant to be displayed somewhat as a title or little description of the order without expanding the accordion, I guess it is the border lines in between each column that is playing on the UX if you take a glance at it without interacting with it.

for more insight and information, please refer to this mockup

Your feedback would be implemented soonest.

Thanks once again,