Order Entry UI Sprint 7 Announcement

Hello OpenMRSCommunity,

This is the official announcement for Order Entry UI Sprint 7.
In this sprint, we would start working on adapting the Order Entry UI to be suitable for not just Drug Orders alone, but for other types of Orders. We would start by adding just one other type of Order, Lab Order.


  • Implement a UI flow that works for creating both a Drug Order and a Lab Order.

Sprint Start Date: 2nd July 2018

Sprint End Date: 16th July 2018


Development Team

Sprint Kick-off
We are going to be having a Sprint Kick-Off meeting on Tuesday 3rd July 2018, more details about the kick off would be posted as a reply to this topic.

cc: @dkayiwa @efosa @topseysuave

This is more details on the Sprint Kick-off Meeting: