Order Entry UI Sprint 3 Demo Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Please accept this invitation to our Demo happening tomorrow (Friday 4th May 2018) between 5: 00pm - 6 : 00pm EAT.

In this sprint, we worked on the following:

  • Free text form styling and validation
  • Standard dosing form validation
  • Consume API to an fetch encounter role
  • Integrate a generic loader
  • Bug fixes and code optimizations
  • Implementations of the previous demo’s feeback

Please find more details regarding the demo and the tasks we worked on in this sprint below:-


Date : 04/05/2018

Time : 5 : 00 PM - 6 : 00 PM (EAT)

Order Entry UI Sprint 3 Announcement

Video Call Link on Google Hangouts

Demo app link


Order Entry UI Sprint 3 Wiki

Jira Board

Github Repository

cc: @dkayiwa @darius @wyclif @mogoodrich @burke @jteich @suthagar23 @kodero

A tangentially-related general thought:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to combine the sprint announcement, sprint progress update, and demo announcement, as multiple posts in a single thread? (In fact it might be easier if all the sprints for one project are combined in a single thread.)

Noted.Thank u. We shall look into this for the next sprint

This is the link to the video recording of the demo incase you missed it…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-MihJfMKrU

cc: @darius @wyclif @burke @jteich @suthagar23

Thanks @geofrocker for the link.

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