Order Entry UI Sprint 11 Announcement

Hello everyone,

I would like to officially announce for the new Order Entry UI sprint 11. In this sprint, our goal would be completing the functionality to the application. All tickets have been rolled over and will be continued on this sprint.

Objectives of Sprint 11 Given the fact that the intended date for the release of this project is fast-approaching, the objectives of thos sprint are as follows;

  • Clean up codebase
  • make already existing implementations bug-free
  • Start implementation of ordering from set functionality

Start Date: 11 September 2018

End Date: 25 September 2018

RESOURCES JIRA Board : https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=178

Github Repo : https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-owa-orderentry

WIKI : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Order+Entry+UI+Sprint+11

Developers on the Team

Efosa Okpugie

Gabriel Micah

Ogunniyi Tunmise

Daramola Ajiboye

Isaiah Yemitan

cc @dkayiwa @daramola98 @rotimi @tunmi @topseysuave @ddesimone @mogoodrich

The kick off call would be starting in the next five minutes, please join if interested via uberconference

The JIRA board has tickets which were done during the last sprint. Is the link correct?

@dkayiwa, this would be rectified soonest, I am looking for a way to remove the subtickets from the main ticket without permanently deleting them.

Did you ask for help from those who have done it before?