Order Entry UI Sprint 10 Progress

Hi guys, hope all is well.

We began started 10 to implement all remaining and required functionalities for the Consolidated Entry UI project. Below were the objectives slated for this current sprint.

The sprint objectives are

  • Should have a filterable/sortable dropdown where users can easily search for orders from the orders homepage.
  • Orders saved to the draft list should be shared across all pages within the ordering app.
  • Users can continue to add orders of different types to the draft list.

Achieved Objectives

It is my pleasure to announce that all tickets/issues created to archive the above objects are currently in the Done and Review stages.

Sprint 10 JIRA Board https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=174&projectKey=OEUI

Github Repo:

CC: @ddesimone, @dkayiwa, @tunmi, @efosa, @jeiddiah, @rhenshaw56, @michael, @darius

Do you have some progress screenshots?