Order entry UI Return button not working

@ruhanga It looks return button is not working and also no option for edit/delete drug order.

Thanks for reporting this @prapakaran. Could you create an OEUI card for this? If you can wire a PR to help resolve this, feel free to do so. That’d be helpful already. :slight_smile:

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@ruhanga I raised jira card and also checking the code. May i know where to pass returnURL. It was missing.

Line number 34

Thanks @prapakaran. I’ve created RA-1759 that will hopefully fix this. Could you also point me to the Jira card you created?

Thanks for fixing this. Please find the card details. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/OEUI-308?filter=-2 One more thing, edit/delete button are not available for drug order entry. I will also look at this code.

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@ruhanga is anyone looking edit/delete button on drug orders.

@prapakaran, this may have been intended to prohibit editing an active drug order. Editing the prescription is possible only when the it is still in its draft state. This means editing an active drug order requires that it is deactivated/discontinued in favour of a new prescription.

@mogoodrich could this be consistent with the original intension?

cc: @darius, @mseaton, @mksd, @mksrom


Yes I believe this is intentional because drug orders are immutable… I would think we’d want a way to cancel an order though… i haven’t looked at the UI in a while, so this may not currently be possible?


@ruhanga @mogoodrich Sometimes the medicine allergy/dosage may not work for a patient then the doctor prescribes a new drug and discontinue the old one. I am guessing we may required button to discontinue the drug like lab orders. Even i have gone through the scenario in my experience.

Yes, I agree there should be functionality to discontinue/cancel an order…

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@ruhanga @mogoodrich Is anyone help on this to fix the issue.

@prapakaran, I’ve just had a quick look at the code base and it looks something is breaking on this peace of code. Could you investigate further on this?

@cioan, @bistenes you may want to offer some guidance on this. :wink:

Thanks @ruhanga I will try to take some time to refresh myself in greater detail on how it’s supposed to work, but I might not get to it immediately.

Take care, Mark

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Yes @ruhanga @prapakaran this looks like (as opposed to an unimplemented feature). My guess is that there’s a bug here, where’s trying to match on type = drugorder:

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Thanks @mogoodrich. Also it looks like custom representations are not decorated with the subclass’ type here. So that the above seems to fail for drug orders given that the orders are fetched with a custom representation.

@ruhanga @mogoodrich I tested return url and it is working as expected. I also tried order-entry-1.2.0 release. Drop downs are not populating for units and unable to save drug details. Edit/Delete button is missing. I used the below link for openmrscore https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/REFAPP-OMODDISTRO-9958/artifact Please refer the drug entry screenshot. @saravanan

Server log:

Thanks for testing this @prapakaran . A couple of fixes are being pushed to the project on github so that reporting these bugs is useful already. Could you use pastebin.com for the error logs? Thanks.

cc: @bistenes, @mogoodrich

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Cool thanks @ruhanga! (sorry looks like I missed this earlier…). Do we have a ticket to fix (or maybe it’s already fixed, I haven’t been following to closely).

@mogoodrich the front-end defects like edit and delete for drugs, additional return button (refer the screenshots) are still there.

@ruhanga For backend service call, please refer the screenshot left side and do you want share new build for checking service call.

Thanks all, sorry I could not reach you on time. @mogoodrich, we have a ticket for this, OEUI-308.

@prapakaran, the latest build of the orderentry owa can be found on bintray here https://bintray.com/openmrs/owa/openmrs-owa-orderentry.

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