Order Entry OWA

Hello all…

I’m looking to do a 1.0.0 release of the Order Entry OWA and I noticed a discrepancy between the OWA name (orderentry) and the name in bintray (orderentryui). There are currently only Beta releases in bintray. Any objections if I rename to orderentry before doing the release? Can I delete the old Beta versions in bintray? Not sure if anyone is actually using this yet.


Thanks! Mark

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@slubwama FYI on the order entry OWA

@ssmusoke are you guys using the Order Entry OWA? Would be fine to keep the existing name, it just seemed like it if wasn’t in general use yet, would be good clean it up while we can.

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich Not using it yet, so was just pinging @slubwama to keep an eye on whatever you are doing

@dkayiwa and others… so I went ahead and tagged 1.0.0 release in the Order Entry project and the Travis build seemed to run and do the deploy…

… however, I’m not seeing a new “Order Entry OWA” project in bintray, nor is the Order Entry UI OWA been updated with a new 1.0.0 version. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Also, I added a Travis file to the Lab Workflow project and was trying to deploy it via Travis but ran into an error with it… it looks like just because I need the proper key set up the BINTRAY_API_KEY env variable for that Travis build… what is the process for getting access to that key?

Thanks, Mark

@mogoodrich do you have a link to the Lab Workflow project repository?

As for the order entry owa, are you referring to this? https://addons.openmrs.org/show/org.openmrs.owa.orderentryui

Or to the module? https://addons.openmrs.org/show/org.openmrs.module.orderentryui


Thanks @dkayiwa!

I was referring to the Order Entry OWA:


Lab Workflow repo can be found here:

I thought I had read all the instructions on OpenMRS, but looks closer, I may not have seen the link you posted above (https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Open+Web+Application) I will check it out.

Take care, Mark

I have edited the wiki to make this clearer.

Thanks @dkayiwa!

Coming back to this a few months later as I did another release of Lab Workflow and Order Entry… it took a little while, but I got this working. There were some mistakes in my .travis.yml and bintray.json, so I updated the above instructions with examples of each. @dkayiwa feel free to take a look and make sure they are good examples… :slight_smile:

Also, I missed the step about having to manually set the uploaded file as available, so I copied that up earlier in the instructions.

And finally, I created my own bintray API key and logged into OpenMRS Travis CI and set it there. The instructions weren’t entirely clear on how to do that, but I didn’t want to update because I was confused about the instructions about using the Travis command line client, which I never used?

Thanks for the help!

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich for the update. Your edits look good. :slight_smile: