Order Entry OWA: Important update

Hello all,

I’ve just gotten back to looking at the Order Entry OWA and made a small change to the deployment setup to something that I think is more correct.

Basically, in the current setup, there was no webpack.config.js included in the bundle, but rather a “webpack.sample.config.js”, and the instructions had developers manually copy the “sample” file to “webpack.config.js” and update the “LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER” and “APP_ENTRY_POINT” config parameters in that file.

In fact, I think the intended pattern was to set those two variables in an independent file (not committed to source control) called “config.json”. This allows us to commit webpack.config.js to source control (and therefore easily update it).

So I’ve movied webpack.sample.config.js to “webpack.config.js” and updated the README.

For existing developers, there may be some conflicts the next time their pull… if so, I believe if you just accept the incoming changes to webpack.config.js everything should work correctly (because you already should have an existing config.json with the correct configurationi information).

If anybody is running into issues, please let me know!

fyi @dkayiwa @geofrocker @betty @flavia @larrystone @zeze @darius

Take care, Mark

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Noted. Thanks for the update @mogoodrich

@mogoodrich, thank you for the update. I recently had to set up the order entry OWA again and I have noticed a trend. I can only run npm run watch successfully as a superuser. Otherwise, I get an access denied error.

95% emitError: EACCES: permission denied, open '~/referenceapplication-standalone-2.7-2.0/appdata\owa/openmrs-owa-orderentry/app.bundle.js'

Hey @flavia!

What environment are you running under, Linux?

My setup is a bit different than yours (I’ve got a full development version of OpenMRS set up using the SDK) so I haven’t seen this error, but can you try changing permissions on the referenceapplication-standalone files and directory so that your main user account has permission to access it? I don’t think there’s a risk in doing it.

Take care, Mark