Oracle with Java 9 will wreck our code

This is an awesome blog about what Oracle is doing with Java 9 that will wreck core infrastructure components!! We better start developing defence strategies when that come…

Check it here:

Using any sun.* class is a critical error in Sonar and for good reasons. We cannot not depend on a particular implementation of the Java API, so I guess it’s ok. Same applies to the libraries.

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Has anyone reviewed our code base to determine the actual impact of this?

By the blogpost, it will break spring, mock technologies and everything else on the middle.

I believe it’s probably one of those things we need to watch, but I doubt all those communities will be silent about it. Some workaround eventually will be written, what will mean we should get rid of any old frameworks and libraries we have (which is not a bad thing).

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Hibernate and liquibase will break too. Do we use EhCache? Mockito? Anything in scala?

Hibernate uses EhCache I think.

Seems like also Spring does use it

Unless my Eclipse is lying, the only (static) references in the OpenMRS workarea to sun.misc.Unsafe are internal to JDK 8. Perhaps Spring, Hibernate etc. use it with reflection.

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