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As part of the Digital Square Notice D Award, we are required to support the development of an integrated patient-level indicator reporting system using Bahmni as the reference Point of Care system and FHIR as the standard framework for interoperability in an OpenHIE setup. Bahmni sends longitudinal client records to a Shared Health record upon which indicator calculations are performed using FHIR MEASURE resources.

As an active member of the Bahmni Coalition who believes in the vision of the Community, drawing from and replenishing the well, we are keen to explore areas of collaboration and partnerships with individuals/organisations interested to partner with us in this project. If interested, please contact us on [opportunities@intellisoftkenya.com] or [kochieng@intellisoftkenya.com] or [swanyee@intellisoftkenya.com]


hello @moshon thanks for sharing this …

i see this was awarded a fellowship slot

@gcliff The fellowship position is actually tied to OpenMRS Inc’s work under Notice D. There is already a good deal of overlap between the IntelliSOFT / Bahmni proposal and the OpenMRS proposal, and we hope to be able to fruitfully collaborate on the shared pieces of infrastructure, but we have slightly different approaches to exporting data from the underlying EHR.

@moshon I certainly look forward to working with you further on this.


Congratulations to Intellisoft! We’re really excited about this opportunity for greater collaboration, @moshon.

Since OpenMRS is tackling the same challenge with the Notice D award, we’re looking at the work being done by the FHIR Squad and the Analytics Engine Squad to tease out additional opportunities for collaboration and leverage their great work.

In particular, we’re exploring embedding the patient-level indicator reporting work with the FHIR Squad - at least as first. Those are great conversations for anyone to follow and join!

Thanks @moshon for the note. One of the key components that we are building in the Analytics Engine Squad is a set of data pipeline tools for transforming OpenMRS data as FHIR resources to downstream data warehouses or FHIR stores. This will work in both streaming and batch modes and a primitive proof-of-concept for the streaming case is available here. This is obviously in close collaboration with the great work that the FHIR Squad is doing.

I thought you might be interested in these tools too; we definitely welcome more collaboration with more users and developers.

cc: @akimaina, @ccwhite23, @pmanko (FYI)

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Thanks @ibacher for providing the clarifying information; we also look forward to working together with you on this.

Thanks @jennifer. We will definitely be part and parcel of the conversations.

Thanks @bashir for sharing. We are have started exploring the POC and look forward to extending this conversation further even as possible areas of collaboration become clearer and clearer.


Thanks @jennifer. We will definitely be part and parcel of the conversations.

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