Opportunity at UNES for Digital Health and Data Systems Lead based in Nairobi, Kenya

University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services(UNES) Ltd is seeking to fill in the position of Digital Health and Data Systems Lead with qualified and highly competent individuals to join the Health IT Project Team. Health IT is a USAID funded Project that seeks to build capacity for the Ministry of Health and Implementing partners. The project is involved in the development and maintenance of health systems with the aim of strengthening quality of data


Reporting to the Deputy Chief of Party – Technical, the incumbent shall be tasked with the following responsibilities:

General Responsibilities

  1. Provide timely and objective specialist advice on digital data systems to the relevant GOK and partners. The technical solutions should be thoroughly researched, well-documented, and feasible and aligned to GOK strategies and priorities.
  2. Work with GOK to support the implementation of the e-Health policy, e-Health strategy and overall emerging digital policy and regulatory frameworks in the country.
  3. Ensure fidelity to the Principles for Digital Development https://digitalprinciples.org/ in implementing device, systems and data interoperability.
  4. Work with respective GOK Ministries, Departments and Agencies to manage the evolution of digital initiatives
  5. Represent HealthIT Project in the Inter Agency Health Information Coordination Committee (ICC), Technical Working Groups (TWG), Systems Management Teams (SMT), and planning and implementation fora.
  6. Lead the development and implementation of Annual Work plan for strengthening Information Systems and ensure that all project work is carried out within the scope, timelines and budget.
  7. Ensure that all required and relevant MOH policies and guidance are adhered to and that all information products and business processes comply with requisite national and international standards.
  8. Provide technical insightful and technical leadership in the implementation of Electronic Medical Records to ensure ownership, commitment and collaboration with Counties and health facilities.
  9. Understanding of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, MNCH, and Health Products and Technologies programs

Technical Roles

  1. Support Digital implementation maintaining fidelity to the application of the principles for digital development
  2. Application and implementation of data protection, data privacy, data and information system security.
  3. Develop and implement software quality assurance standard operating procedures
  4. Develop and or enhance information systems and data governance policies.
  5. Provide leadership and technical capacity in the development and deployment of data analytics and visualization
  6. Support enhancement and evolution of key Digital Systems as the Kenya Health Information System (KHIS), the Kenya Master Health Facility List (KMHFL), the MOH Data Services Layer (DSL), MOH HIS Online Learning Platform, the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Early Infant Diagnosis and Viral Load System (EID-VL), and the MOH and DCS Service Desks.
  7. Provide technical support in data exchange and system interoperability; smart analytics and information products; data quality improvement; data use and improvement of information systems user experience.
  8. Support development, review, documentation and deployment of Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records
  9. Strong understanding of the health and social protection sectors

Managerial Roles

  1. Provide both strategic and tactical advice to the project management team
  2. Provide leadership in the Annual Work Plan development for the Strengthened Information Systems that support reporting, provide data for decision making for GOK, counties and other stakeholders and work collaboratively with GOK and partners.
  3. Supervise the relevant Output Leads and coordinate the systems development team
  4. Key member of the project management, research, Learning, monitoring and evaluation team
  5. Provide regular and on demand status and progress reports to the relevant GOK and the project
  6. Document and present program results and lessons learned to the project, USG, MOH, and other key stakeholders


  1. Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or relevant field from an accredited University
  2. 5 years’ experience in Digital Development and implementation at country or enterprise level
  3. At least three years working with GOK, USG or other development partners
  4. Experience implementing DHIS2, OpenMRS, and Enterprise Architecture Frameworks is desired
  5. Understanding and application of Data exchange standards
  6. Proficiency in Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, C , programming languages an added advantage

Apply here- https://unes.co.ke/the-digital-health-and-data-systems-lead-unes-hlthit-dhdsl-10-2019/

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