Operation Theater Module

Is Operation Theater module available in Bahmni?

Bahmni doesn’t have a module for Operation Theater. Can you give a brief details around what is expected out of this.

Identifying that patient needs a surgery (selection of appropriate surgery, assigning tests, diet program) and operation theater scheduling, related billing.

No. We don’t have a module like that. At the moment the research for Appointment scheduling is going to take care of some of these parts – scheduling/preparing a patient for an OT procedure (which could have multiple stages before the patient is ready for surgery). Please watch this card for details on this: https://trello.com/c/h0BbaEBM/54-appointment-scheduling (once we have clarity in requirements, we will document and update this trello card).

Meanwhile if you can give some more details on your requirement / how you wish it works – that will help a lot.


/cc: @sruti @punith