Operation Theater Module Final Presentation

Hey everybody,

Time is flying and we have already reached end of coding period. Let me say that I really enjoyed working on this project over the last few month. I want to thank Harsha and the entire community for their support. It was a very great learning experience for me – not only on the technical side, but also on project management related topics. It was very instructive to see how such a large application is developed in a distributed environment.

Here you can find my final presentation:

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Cheers, Lukas

@burke and @darius : The concept mapping that you have suggested during the midterm presentation is still on my todo list


@lbat Awesome work!.

When myself and @munnavhai bringing this OT module to idea list, the target was to build an initial version of OT module as the OT functions are having a broad scope. So my first plan to build a end to end working module with improved scheduling capabilities. Per our discussions, @lbat and Me identified scheduling aspect is a core function of an OT. But at the end our goal is to present a initial version of OT module which is having scheduling as well as the end to end working OT module. I believed we are achieved that. As @lbat mentioned we needs to add comprehensive support for pre, in and post OT activities which will be the next phase of the project.

I really appreciate the hard work done by @lbat. And I must say, OpenMRS community helped throughout the module development. Many thanks goes to fascinating OpenMRS community.

Any feedback and comments from community and people who are involve with OT activities are highly appreciate to arrange the roadmap of this module.

Also I would give me heartfelt thank for OpenMRS to giving me the opportunity to mentor this fascinating project .

Thanks, Harsha