OpenSRP as a Distribution of OpenMRS

Welcome to the first official thread on the OpenSRP Channel on OpenMRS Talk!

OpenSRP, or Open source Smart Register Platform is a platform that is a mobile extension of the OpenMRS system, which allows for frontline health workers to electronically register and track the health of their entire client population. OpenSRP is linked to OpenMRS on its backend through the OpenMRS REST API; while OpenMRS is linked to OpenSRP through the Atom Feed Module. OpenSRP uses OpenMRS’ data dictionary, location hierarchy, and user management module while storing client data in the full EMR. The OpenSRP community has also created a customized team management module and DHIS2 location import, as OpenSRP is also interoperable with DHIS2 and Superset. This allows OpenSRP to create linkages across all levels of the health system, from the field; to the clinic; to the district health office; to national ministry system.

So far, OpenSRP has been implemented (or is being implemented) in Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Liberia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Zambia (11 countries total). It can be used for various health areas that include: household registration, family planning, antenatal care, postnatal care, immunizations, child health & nutrition, stock management, reporting, TB, Malaria, and NCDs.

Because we know that some of you in the OpenMRS community have already worked extensively with OpenSRP, and because of the technological linkages between OpenSRP and OpenMRS, we would like to ask you to support us so that OpenSRP may become an official distribution of OpenMRS. If you would be interested in helping OpenSRP become mature enough to become an official OpenMRS distribution, or interested in being involved in OpenSRP, please let us know :grinning: !

We also encourage those of you who are already part of the OpenMRS community and involved with OpenSRP to introduce yourself here to other visitors! We also strongly encourage those who are a part of the OpenSRP community, but new to the OpenMRS community to introduce yourself here by quickly saying where you work and which module(s) of OpenSRP you are currently working on. We, as the OpenSRP community, look forward to integrating and collaborating more closely with the OpenMRS community, and we thank you for your warm welcome!

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