Openness and Transparency

Fwiw, I don’t consider closing an open discussion any kind of a example of openness and transparency:

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Because Librehealth is not OpenMRS. That is it. I closed it because the people who would respond are not on Talk, or won’t monitor it.

I really don’t feel like dealing so I’ll open if it is that vital but no discussion on Talk is official in any way.

@r0bby, I agree with @mogoodrich. It is enough for you to make it clear that the other forum would be better to gain access to that audience. That shouldn’t mean we can’t continue to have an open conversation on this channel. Please re-open the previous thread. Anyone explicitly mentioned there will get notifications and can choose to respond or not on this forum.

Thanks, Mike

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please reopen this. The goal of my post was to make the OpenMRS community aware of the interview, and LH_-and ask for the review , response and input.

See post above yours.