OpenmrsProfile Annotation

When I do the following

import org.openmrs.annotation.OpenmrsProfile;
@OpenmrsProfile(openmrsVersion = "2.2.* - 2.*")
public class ConditionServiceImpl extends BaseOpenmrsService implements ConditionService {
. . .


I get the following error when I compile:

cannot find symbol
  symbol:   method openmrsVersion()
  location: @interface org.openmrs.annotation.OpenmrsProfile

How do I fix this

cc: @dkayiwa

Since that bean is already in here let us abandon the annotation profile approach and instead use the second one as described below:

Loading resources conditionally

Alternately or in addition to the above you can instruct the OpenMRS module loader to skip loading resources based on the OpenMRS version. After you create a maven submodule for a specific OpenMRS version, maven packages it in a jar file and puts in your omod in the lib directory. In config.xml in your module you can declare:

as described here:

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Okay, @dkayiwa. Thanks