OpenMRS XForm Client ODK Uploading data failure

I’m Benjamin Nyange I’m an OpenMRS Implementer and Apps developer I’ve been reading some of your posts on the ODK collect to OpenMRS I’m actually implementing a project for offline data collection using ODK collect to OpenMRS I succeed to use and import XForms into the ODK 1.1.7 following the and some of your posts

I’m actually stacked to upload data from the ODK to the OpenMRS, after setting the upload request link: http://server:8080/openmrs/moduleServlet/xforms/xformDataUpload?uname=name&pw=password I still get the error " result internal server error 500"

Looking at the OpenMRS server log, when I submit the form the server following message are generated

< INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(115) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,192| In method EncounterService.saveEncounter. Arguments: Encounter=Encounter: [(no ID) Sun Jul 16 00:00:00 SAST 2017 ADULTINITIAL Bankhara Clinic 12 TestMobile num Obs: [] num Orders: 0 ], INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(155) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,208| Exiting method saveEncounter INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(115) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,210| In method HL7Service.purgeHL7InQueue. Arguments: HL7InQueue=HL7InQueue[hashCode=9232f89a,uuid=8cd07dbc-d3c9-492e-a51a-80a52247bed8], INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(155) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,211| Exiting method purgeHL7InQueue ERROR - HL7InQueueProcessor.setFatalError(138) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,211| Exception while attempting to process HL7 In Queue (-1098988452綷Ⱛ-304637686퀙-23906044-1955966658-749004702뾅-2124261496-1891989690꞉꽧-60820188-235503830씱-944311338-252016308-208494432-283429088) ERROR - XformsQueueProcessor.submitXForm(316) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,212| Failed to instantiate assignment handler object for class: org.openmrs.module.emrapi.adt.EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler ERROR - XformsQueueProcessor.processXForm(224) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,226| Failed to instantiate assignment handler object for class: org.openmrs.module.emrapi.adt.EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler ERROR - XformsUtil.reportDataUploadError(625) |2017-07-16 13:41:13,231| org.openmrs.module.emrapi.adt.EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler

Could you Help me Fix This Thanks for your earliest response

Have you looked at the OpenMRS Android client?

It is the recommended one because it is under active development.

Thanks for your feedback Daniel, I’ve tried to setup the OpenMRS App to link to the server but it failed to fetch it. I would much appreciate to solve the issue with the form upload on odk as this is done to openmrs app, buy submitting a form data seems to reach the server (following the log. It’s seems some thing need to be setup to upload data into the database , can you look if upload settings used for the openmrs app can be applicable to my problem? If someone else can contribute to the case that will be a huge support

@avijitghosh82 which test server do you use for the android app?

I setup this one which i’m using fo the development and testing demo

Is this documentation helpful in any way?