OpenMRS World summit 2016 preparation update (09/07/2016)

Hi everyone,

Here’s a rough plan for the summit, so far -

From experience, we’ve found that having a hackathon after the main event may not be the best idea. People get bored, and walk out. Thus, this time, we want to do it first!

Burke and I also think that we should have a two day hackathon and tutoial sessions run parallel. that way,

  • There will be more people, both devs and non-devs present
  • People will get more chances to chat and work together
  • Winners of the hackathon will be recognized during the start of the main event
  • people will be more motivated to hack!

This doesn’t mean we MUST have two full days of tutorials. That is of course ideal, but if we can’t do it, its ok to have blank slots - this will give folks more chances to be present at the hackathon as well.

The two day hackathon will be followed by three days of the main event.

Obstacles: apparently the auditorium that we had last year has been taken - this is why I kept pushing for us to decide on yea/nay for the summit ASAP. I’m reaching out to the venue to see if there’s a different auditorium that we can book. If not, i’m afraid that we may be looking at a date after the 1st Jan…