OpenMRS Wiki download

Is there a way to download the whole OpenMRS Wiki documentation? On each individual page I see the option to export as pdf but is there something to get the whole Wiki or some major sections?

Is this guide of any help?

Thanks, that’s helpful.

However are there other ways to get say below: And all it’s subsections, not just the 1 page?

Thanks again.

For few topics, there is newer information on say Developer Guide - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and it’s subpages, anyway to get that updated content for local use?

Alternate might be to save each individual page.

Example it was possible to download the REST API documentation & host them locally from the below:

I could deploy and access on my local machine. Which gave the same information as is available at:

Is there something equivalent for the whole: Or sections like: With it’s sub pages?

Confluence Admins usually have the capability to download “sections” (Parent with all child pages). We do that for Bahmni Confluence.,PDF,HTMLandXML-ExportmultiplepagestoHTMLorPDF