OpenMRS Wiki (Confluence) Migration Plan?

Hi @jayasanka and @raff, now that our migration from Jira Server → Jira Cloud is complete, what’s our rough timeline plan for migrating our Wiki to Confluence Cloud as well?

Reason for asking:

  1. Many of us are generally excited about the better UI and features that come with Confluence Cloud!
  2. We’re planning to use that Wiki upgrade as an opportunity to substantially review and pare-down our Wiki, so that content piece will be a big project. Will help to know some timeline rough estimates :slight_smile:

CC @burke @cintiadr


@grace I’ve already setup a new Confluence instance in cloud and run through initial migration steps to identify gaps. It appears it should go smoothly having users already migrated.

We should be able to migrate before the end of January.


That’s great news!! Thank you Raff :slight_smile: Who will be the point person to wrap up the Confluence/Wiki migration - will that be you or @jayasanka ?

You can point at me :slight_smile: