OpenMRS West Africa Community

OpenMRS West Africa Community


Could we please get an update on the status of this community so that I could link other participants from other countries in West Africa ?

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Hi Cynthia,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Didn’t know about this OpenMRS community until now.

How do we proceed from here?

@ggomez Can you please assist ?

@cynthia @ekowkoomson1 @kmens @nonmide

The OpenMRS West Africa Community is actively supporting OpenMRS implementations, developers, implementers and users within the sub-region. There are currently over eighty members with active participation from Nigeria and other countries in the sub-region.

Members in various CDC supported partners in Nigeria has developed an OpenMRS distribution for Nigeria (NigeriaMRS) and it’s been deployed and supported by the local community.

The community welcomes everyone to join the group community page for more updates and interactions.

Access group link: OpenMRS West Africa Community