OpenMRS University Session on Reporting Module for Developers

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@ssemakadde Happy New Year, I cannot seem to find the 2016 University Session schedule anywhere - is it possible to have a session on the Reporting Module with @mseaton (who has agreed to do one) for Developers on using the API and classes

Suggested agenda:

  1. Concepts - cohorts, datasets, dimensions, indicators (what are they when are they used)

  2. Setting up a report within a module

  3. Setting up a row per patient report

  4. Setting up and building an indicator report

  5. Setting up and building a dimension report

  6. Best practices in using the reporting API - package management, helper classes, evaluators, custom cohorts (no idea what these are but I have seen them being used), performance optimization etc

Thanks in advance


@mseaton Do you think this can be covered in one university session??

@ssemakadde, let’s start with one and see how far we get and schedule more if needed.

@mseaton let me hope on the 13 next week is OK for you

@ssemakadde that should work - thanks!

@ssemakadde Where can I find the recording for this university session?

@ssemakadde pinging you to provide a link to this recording