OpenMRS University: HL7 Messages

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Hi All,

Due to community demand the OpenMRS University calls are back in style we shall be conducting these calls based on your needs.

This week we have @vundamat request he has lots of doubts regarding sending and receiving HL7 messages from OpenMRS.

therefore Join us this Wednesday for this call

Date: 29th July 2015:

Topic: Sending and Receiving HL7 messages from OpenMRS by Daniel Kayiwa

Time: 14:00-15:00 UTC Find your time zone’s conversion. Please keep time


for more details visit the University page



@ssemakadde Thanks a lot!

Did this meeting happen? We are hearing reports of people who showed up at 14:00 UTC but did not find anyone available.

@ssemakadde : Hi! There was some confusion about the timing due to which the OpenMRS University call did not happen at the scheduled time (14-15 UTC) . I request you to reschedule the call.

Thanks in advance!

University calls used to happen an hour before scrum. So that is how Matthew, James and I ended up alone on this call. :slight_smile:

@ssemakadde With @dkayiwa’s help I could solve the problems I was facing to send HL7 messages to OpenMRS. So, there won’t be any need reschedule yesterday’s call. :smile: However, I still have difficulties in receiving HL7 messages from OpenMRS when a new patient is created. Could you please schedule an OpenMRS University call next week to discuss this topic?

Thank you!