OpenMRS University 4th March 2015-GSoC 2015 preparation

Hi All, A kind reminder about the OpenMRS University Forum Do you know about GSoC 2015 ? Are you intending to participate? Do you know some of the following? 1.How to choose a project. 2.How to ask questions in a smart way. 3.How to write a good proposal. 4.Being a competitive applicant. 5.How to get in touch with potential mentors after choosing your project.

Join us this Wednesday for the GSoC 2015 preparation details below

Date: 4th March 2015:

Topic: GSoC preparation by @surangak , @vaibhavhp, @aniketha and @michael

Time: 9am-10am Eastern Time Please Check for your timezone here for time conversion in your location Please keep time


for more details visit the University page.


we invite all potential GSoC 2015 aspirants to attend this call :smiley:

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Hi :slight_smile:

Finally time for Google Summer of Code !!! :smiley: Glad nd Obvious that OpenMRS has been selected for GSoC this year.

Looking forward to the opportunity to participate in GSoC 2015. Would like to earn extensive knowledge and contribute my best :blush: Excited to join the OpenMRS call on Wednesday and learn more about GSoC :smiley: #EnergizedToEmbarkThisFruitfulJourney! :blush: