OpenMRS University 2019-09-11: OpenMRS FHIR Module

Dear All,

We continue our OpenMRS University series with a presentation by Piotr from UW . This session will be focused on the OpenMRS FHIR module and what the future could look like with a FHIR module for OpenMRS

Join us Next week for a 1 hour session on OpenMRS-FHIR Webinar

Date: 11 September 2019

Topic: Presentation on OpenMRS FHIR module

Time: 14:00-15:00 UTC Find your time zone’s conversion.@ Please keep time

Venue: zoom call

Cynthia Antwi is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: FHIR Webinar Series 2 : OpenMRS & FHIR Time: Sep 11, 2019 02:00 PM Universal Time UTC

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@c.antwi Any chance of a link to a Calendar invite to keep some of us honest :wink:

Hi everyone,

Here’s an outline for tomorrow’s webinar, which will be much less lecture-heavy. We’ll work together to document some of the needs, questions, ideas, and concerns regarding FHIR and OpenMRS. This outline will be updated both during and after the webinar to provide a coherent record of what we talked about.

Hope to see everyone there!

Check out the Webinars Github Page for another view of this tutorial\

Conversations about OpenMRS and FHIR


Learning Objectives

  1. Quickly review the First Webinar: An Introduction to the FHIR API

  2. Get an introduction to the OpenMRS FHIR Module and the OpenMRS Rest API

  3. Review possible future directions for FHIR and OpenMRS

  4. Participate in compiling lists of ideas for each of these categories: - Previous FHIR-related efforts in the OpenMRS community - Current health data, web apis, and interoperability needs. - Questions, Potential Issues, Forcasted Barriers, and any other comments or concerns from community members regarding OpenMRS and FHIR


Review of Webinar 1

The previous webinar can be found on the github page

We had a few issues with recording the video, and unfortunately have no video of the tutorial section. However, I finally spliced the audio recording and the video together and uploaded it to YouTube. If you’d like to watch it, check it out here:

Also, if you’d like to get some other perspectives on FHIR, check out these two videos from a tutorial Viet Nguyen gave at last year’s UW FHIR Workshop:

  1. Intro to FHIR
  2. ClinFHIR Tutorial

Quick Discussion: best approaches to tutorials and community education?

OpenMRS and FHIR today

OpenMRS REST Web Services

Why was it implemented?

How is it used today?

Links for browsing and reviewing

OpenMRS FHIR Module

Why was it implemented?

How is it used today?

Links to browse and review

Possible Paths Forward

Case Study: HAPI FHIR

A Java-based implementation of the FHIR standard whose development tracks very closely with the official releases.


Links to browse and review

Collaborative Lists

FHIR efforts in the OpenMRS community

OpenMRS Community needs, use cases, and current gaps related to representting health data, using APIs, or enabling interoperability.


Questions, Ideas, Comments, Issues, Forseen Barriers etc…

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Hey Everyone

We unfortunately had some difficulties with the recording of today’s session and its not available. @pmanko and I are working on a workaround and will update everyone what the next steps will be shortly.

@c.antwi thanks alot , i was about to ask you for the link to the recording having missed to Call