OpenMRS UI/UX Toolkit Design for Electronic Medical Records/eHealth Usage

(Stephen Senkomago Musoke) #1

Continuing the discussion from Design Time for EHR UX Re-Design - Concept Demo:

I am a big fan of leveraging Twitterboostrap to help provide foundation styling across the application and UI elements those we know and those we have to think about.

This has been in a process for over 18 months since I first proposed it and I think I understand why

UI/UX stuff is a specialized skill and cannot be done by volunteer resources alone

I would like to make a recommendation that the community and leadership consider funding, resourcing and commissioning an UI/UX person/team to design and develop a custom toolkit for OpenMRS basically a toolkit that can be leveraged and customized by upstream implementors going forward.

This is an extension of a style guide but even more involved, I am looking at the following:

  • Components - search tables, display widgets, graphs
  • Forms - tabs, sections, single/multiple selection options, medication/dispensing/diagnosis widgets within a form (irrespective of whether it is HTML Form Entry of other module UIs)
  • Cards (widgets) - editable and non-editable widgets, summary information and detailed information etc
  • Pages - patient registration summary, disease summary (baseline ART, NCD, oncology assessment)
  • Dashboards - 1-2 and 3 column dashboards with cards to show the different widgets
  • Responsive to monitor, tablet, smartphone useage
  • Also includes support for mobile app design

The tool kit should be useable with Bootstrap, Angular/React/Vue OWAs (we have a mix of all of them currently in RefApp) with more on the way over the next 3-5 years.

cc @c.antwi

(Andrew Kanter) #2

We just implemented something like this at my day job (Intelligent Medical Objects) and it was was huge success. I would recommend this highly!

(Mark Goodrich) #3

We should get a sense of the overall cost, but I definitely agree this is something to seriously consider funding.

(Cynthia Antwi) #4

@ssmusoke Well noted. I look into how this can be resolved.

(Darius Jazayeri) #5

One thing we should do is to consider if it’s appropriate for one of the funding opportunities that @maciej has identified, and is posting at

(Maciej Neumann) #6

If I find some time this week, I’ll try to find if there are any opportunities that would fit this specific topic of UX/UI or maybe there are some organizations that would be interested in helping us with this (I remember reading something about designers for social good, but I have to investigate this further)

(Maciej Neumann) #7

Did some research:

If we are talking about grants strictly for UI/UX design: I didn’t found one and I don’t think there is one. This topic is probably not attractive for potential donors and various foundations.

Maybe we could add this to one of more general opportunities (like Cisco Grant), but then we would need then to show how UI/UX redesign would help people in need and show it’s social value. Most important, we would also need budget (not specific, but more or less) for this before writing any proposal, just to know if we can fit it into various grants limits.

If we are talking about organizations, there are some design non-profit companies that are specializing with work for social good projects. Still, their work isn’t free, just about half as expensive than services from traditional companies. I’ve found only one organization, that offers help with finding funding for their work - I’ve filled out their contact form from website, if there’s gonna be any feedback from them, I’ll let you know.

There are some websites that are connecting specialist (also UX/UI ones) with non-profits for volunteer work, if you are interested, we could try posting requests on them.

Not sure if this helped, if you have any questions, let me know.

(Jennifer Antilla) #8

A whilie ago, I learned that USAID and Gates have come up with a set of resources called Design for Health. I went poking around and there are quite a few resources (Why design for health?) that could be used to make the connection between UI/UX redesign and broader social value.

Here are the links to the main Design for Health website and a Devex article.

(Maciej Neumann) #9

Thank you some much! This helps me not only as a resource for future proposals, but we can also reach out to some of the participating organizations from Design for Health and ask them if they can help us in any way with this project.

EDIT: I’ve send e-mail to 4 different organizations from Design for Health list. If I get any response from them, I’ll paste it in the reply.