OpenMRS Training Materials - Repository and Resources

Following up on a session at the 2017 Implementers’ Conference on OpenMRS Training Strategies, I’ve uploaded a set of OpenMRS training materials to Drive that myself and @k.joseph put together for a 2 week training program that was conducted in South Africa towards the end of 2017. The idea here is to try and address some of the points that were raised in the session:

  • Resources/material exist, but they aren’t managed cohesively
  • Resource space needs to be collaborative
  • Set up collaborative slide space on Google Drive or Wiki

As well as to build on past ideas, efforts, and discussions, e.g.:

The materials are available in a folder here, and includes the following:

  • Training Plan - Set of proposed training topics, an overview of the curriculum, as well as a proposed schedule, and the schedule as it actually happened.
  • Training Shared Space - This was the collaborative set of notes that were taken throughout the training (a lot of the info in here could be improved by pulling it out into a more structured, reusable format).
  • Presentations and Session Outlines - The training used a combination of presentation and practical sessions. This folder includes copies of slideshow presentations on select topics. For practical-based sessions where we didn’t use slideshow presentations, the session outline and aims were documented.

The materials are by no means exhaustive, and are focused on basic OpenMRS implementer and developer training, largely based off the work of those that have contributed to the vast OpenMRS wiki and guides over the years. The training does not cover areas like end-user training, computer literacy, clinical training etc. In addition, the curriculum included an aspect of OpenHIE training, which may not be relevant to other training programs. The hope is that the resources and training plan can help contribute towards the broader discussion on training/education needs, and reusable/adaptable material for training.


Thanks! Would it be okay for me/others to add stuff to this repository as well?

Would you happen to have any video resources that you could share (how to videos, recordings of trainings?)

Thank you for sharing this! I agree its much needed.

Awesome - we’d love to add our materials as well!

@janflowers @ngoel2 (and others too) - Thanks, please feel free to add to the repository! It’s definitely intended as a collaborative space - open to ideas and suggestions on how this could be managed better as it takes shape.

I think it’d be useful to try keep track of changes made to the repository when new files are added/updated. Not sure if there’s a better way to do this, but I’ve added a file to the repo - README BEFORE CONTRIBUTING - Changelog - with basic guidelines and a changelog:

Feel free to contribute to this repository by adding new materials, resources, presentations, ideas, or expanding on the Training Plan. If you do make changes, please summarize these in the changelog below.

Otherwise, posting to this thread when new materials are added could also work for now, to notify those interested of any updates.

Unfortunately not, we weren’t able to record any of the sessions.