OpenMRS tomcat with SSL

We are using OpenMRS-Standalone v2.3.1 Reference App with tomcat connections to android tablets in a mobile clinic LAN. I would like to implement connections with HTTPS and have read the OpenMRS documentation and documentation and testing with a Self signed Certificate using JDK Keytool and self signed certificate, so far without success. Tomcat will run, but I can’t connect unless I change the Tomcat>conf>web.xml fille from “Confidential” to NONE. If feel that I may be missing an embedded default password in Tomcat that I need to match in .keystore (I tried the Apache default of “changeit” but it didn’t work. I had no trouble creating the .Keystore, adding the connection information to server.xml and web.wml, but can’t connect. Thanks, Len

@szlfsmit what do you mean by embedded default password in tomcat? And when you say that you cannot connect, do you mean getting an error message on trying to connect? Can we look at the error message details?

Hi Daniel, Thanks, The as Tomcat completes it startup and spawns a new web tab in Chrome here is the display with HTTPS:// present, but not the expected the expected OpenMRS login page:

I have attached the Tomcat log–which I am not yet experienced enough to understand in detail. Leonard Smith

Do you have any particular reason for not using the latest release of the reference application? Did you also follow docs like this? Did you also intentionally skip the port? The default is usually 8443

I would like to move to Reference App 2.5 but I haven’t yet had time to test the migration of our implemented forms and clinical data in the MySqL data schema to the new platform. In addition, Currently, the local IT support at the ABCs for Global Health mobile clinic in the Pampanga, Philippines is not yet well established to enable system upgrade (we are recruiting). Moving to Java 8 would also simplify support.


OK. Did you take a look at?