Openmrs ticket convention

Hello friends, I kindly need help and direction. Does Openmrs have conventions regarding someone claiming a ticket and begin working on it and then its either un assigning or closed without informing the person currently working on it? I have have spend sleepless nights working on this ticket researching on the way forward and after pushing the changes I find the ticket is closed without any discussion with me and the same ticket is replicated here [[OCLOMRS-1061] OCL Subscription module: automated testing at a data level - OpenMRS Issues] ([OCLOMRS-1061] OCL Subscription module: automated testing at a data level - OpenMRS Issues). Kindly what do I do? This is the 3rd time its happening and its really frustrating and I need help from senior devs regarding this.

Kindly here are some of the PR I made concerning the same issue: Initially this is was the ticket and this is PR when I was preparing for selenium test before the squad deciding it should be in cypress.

On this link you will find my comments finding on the way forward of the ticket more over at 3am when am supposed to be in bed. cc @dev null, @dev1, @dev2 , @dev3, @dev4, @dev5, @jennifer, @grace , @janflowers

Sorry @jwnasambu. I know how it feels. We need guidance because it a common practice.

Am please so sorry about the frustration and thanks for reaching out for clarification.

I see that the ticket was closed with a comment that it was a duplicate of another one which has a more detailed description. This is usually what we do for such cases.

I think the problem came from the fact that you claimed this ticket before it was made ready for work (you made it ready for work yourself). To prevent this from happening again, claim only those tickets which are ready for work. That would give time to the PMs to go through the tickets and ensure that they are well described, not duplicated, reproducible (if bugs), and other checks, before they are made ready for work. This is covered by our pull request tips wiki page which says:

Do not work on it until when some one assesses it and eventually makes it "Ready for Work" or "Waiting for Dev". This will help you avoid wasting time working on what is not necessary. Also the ticket assessor may even give you some pointers regarding how to get started with this particular ticket, which files to change, and more. We call this ticket curation.


@dkayiwa in the our squad it’s the dev who is working on the ticket that change the ticket to ready to work state. Besides I claimed the ticked long time ago and members knew I was working on it because it was discussed in the squad I was asked to use cypress and not selenium.(I had used selenium before). I have made several PRs on different repositories and I have reached out to several people including on talk besides my builds have been failing all through for someone to ignore what am doing. This ticket was updated 2days back if there was an addition information it should have been on the ticket which already existed and already in progress.

Sorry about this @jwnasambu , I can understand the frustration! It has happened to me before and I swallowed my bitter pill. I think we just need to be considerate of each other and appreciate one another’s effort however little it may be. If what @dkayiwa has explained was not the case then it’s absurd. This needs to change so we work together as family(I have known this about OpenMRS for long) and I believe it should stand.

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