OpenMRS Tech Radar, Q2 2020

The OpenMRS Tech Radar has been updated and published.

Check it out at and share your thoughts!


What is the OpenMRS Technology Radar?

Our Tech Radar is an opinionated recommendation from some OpenMRSers who have been involved in many projects over the years, about what technologies you should be using, or avoiding, when building your OpenMRS implementations and distributions.

What is the structure?

The metaphor is a “radar” showing information about technologies, and how close they are to being recommended for adoption. (We took inspiration from the thinking behind ThoughtWorks’s radar.)

We organized the technologies we discussed into four quadrants:

  • Languages & Frameworks
  • Modules & Distributions
  • Standards & Conventions
  • Platforms & Integrations

Then we made a recommendation about each technology:

  1. Adopt … projects really should use these technologies (in the appropriate contexts, of course)
  2. Trial … projects should pilot/trial these technologies and make an informed decision about whether they are the right fit
  3. Assess … projects should investigate these technologies and track their progress, but they are typically not ready for production use
  4. Hold … you should avoid these technologies on new projects and consider shifting away from them on existing projects, as appropriate

Special Thanks

@mksd, @burke, @mseaton, @jennifer, @ibacher, @k.joseph, @christine

How to get involved?

Did we get something wrong? Did we miss something? Write a comment on this thread!

We are also looking for /dev/3s and above to be part of the team when we do the radar updates. Watch talk for posts tagged with tech-radar when we start the net iteration (likely early 2021).