OpenMRS Talk Formatting Cheat Sheet

New to OpenMRS Talk? It’s a Discourse forum. You can easily reply to someone by selecting text and clicking to reply; however, you may want to know how to have fun with formatting… so here’s a cheat sheet.

Italic _Italic_ or *Italic*

Bold __Bold__ or **Bold**

Underscore [u]Underscore[/u]

Strike [s]Strike[/s]

Link to Link to [](

  • Unordered
  • List
* Unordered
* List

  1. Ordered
  2. List
1. Ordered
1. List

Emojis :smile: :smile:   See the emoji cheat sheet

[quote=“Someone”] Quote someone. `[/quote]


> Blockquote



> Nested
>> Blockquotes

Inline Code Formating

Inline `Code Formatting`

Level 1 Heading

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Leave 4 Heading

# Level 1 Heading
## Level 2 Heading
### Level 3 Heading
#### Leave 4 Heading

 * Got some code to share?
System.println("Syntax highlighting");

  ```java   /*   * Got some code to share?   */   System.println(“Syntax highlighting”);   ```

( TIP: the syntax highlighter, highlighter.js, supports these languages: .bat, 1C, ActionScript, Apache, AppleScript, AsciiDoc, AutoHotkey, AVR Assembler, Axapta, Bash, Brainfuck, C#, C++, Clojure, CMake, CoffeeScript, CSS, D, Delphi, Diff, Django, DOS, Erlang, Erlang REPL, F#, FIX, GLSL, Go, Haml, Handlebars, Haskell, HTML, HTTP, Ini, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Lasso, Lisp, LiveCode server and revIgniter, Lua, Makefile, Markdown, Mathematica, Matlab, MEL, Mizar, Nginx, Objective C, OCaml, Oracle Rules Language, Oxygene, Parser3, Perl, PHP, Python, Python profile, R, RenderMan RIB, RenderMan RSL, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Scilab, SCSS, Smalltalk, SQL, TeX, Vala, VB.NET, VBScript, VHDL, XML )

<img src='/uploads/default/210/b09a350d0d8bfa47.gif'>

If your image URL not end with a known image extension (i.e. jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png), then use HTML’s img tag:

<img src="url" />

( TIP: you can paste images directly into the editor! )

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See also the full/official Markdown syntax page: