OpenMRS Sync Module and Bahmni

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Does anyone have any advice on whether the openmrs sync 2.0 module would work with Bahmni? Does anyone have experience using it in this way? @mseaton would this be something you have some insight into based on PIH experience?

We’re already running Bahmni at one site and are interested in setting up a satellite site that syncs data back to the existing site - exactly what the OpenMRS sync module seems to be designed for. Would be great to hear if it works (or should work) with Bahmni.


Sync 2 has not been used by anyone in production. It requires some more development resources to be fit for such. @MekomSolutions has developed an alternative solution, dbsync, which you may explore.

Thanks @dkayiwa I’ll get in touch with Mekom solutions. And you raise a good point - I’m actually open to any possible solutions that allow for bidirectional sync between bahmni installations at a central and satellite site

Thanks @dkayiwa for sharing the pointers to @gchan.

Mekom is an active maintainer of openmrs-eip. One of the internal components of openmrs-eip is ‘dbsync’, that helps support OpenMRS-OpenMRS sync through the embedded OpenMRS Camel component.

An important point to understand is that openmrs-eip enforces EIP around OpenMRS, but it is not a substitution to HIE patterns. In English: openmrs-eip solves low-level tech challenges around capturing data changes, orchestrating messages, routing messages, handling errors, … etc at the middleware layer.

There are a number of projects that currently leverage openmrs-eip’s dbsync to achieve one-way OpenMRS-OpenMRS sync as a proxy-HIE pattern within an OpenMRS-only ecosystem. We (at Mekom) do complement this with patient matching at the receiver end for instance, that thereby behaves partially like an MPI. Two-way sync will be on the roadmap for next year most likely.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch privately if there is anything that you would which to fast-track through us, or publicly if you want to contribute to the current shared roadmap (that we are in the process of establishing.)

Cc @wyclif

Hi. I am unable to sync and push patient visit data that I saved on my Android device in offline mode. When I run a sync process, the data does not get pushed to Mysql database and OpenMRS. Does anyone know what the issue might be? Any help/advice will be highly appreciated.