OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Sprint 3 Review

Hi Everyone,

Together with Soldevelo team, we would like to invite you for third sprint review. Details of the event are stated below:

  • Date: November 28th, 2017
  • Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM UTC (Option that maximizes the number of participants will be chosen. After that I’m going to add event to OpenMRS Calendar)

cc: @jslawinski, @pgesek, @darius, @dkayiwa


I updated post based on the doodle Poll. The event in the OpenMRS Calendar is already created.

Best regards,


cc: @jslawinski, @pgesek, @darius, @dkayiwa, @mseaton, @raff


  • Jakub Slawinski
  • Paweł​ ​Gesek
  • Przemyslaw​ ​Kornowski
  • Jakub​ ​Trzebiatowski
  • Karol​ ​Cissewski
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Rafał Korytkowski
  • Mike Seaton

Meeting​ ​minutes:

  • Review​ ​update
    • Finished:
      • ATF-19: Current configuration view
      • FM-239: Create FHIR Client
      • ATF-12:​ ​Add​ ​Atomfeed​ ​server​ ​rest​ ​API​ ​endpoints
      • SYNCT-34:​ Create the AtomFeed Reader
      • SYNCT-40: Create the service for Pull logic.
        • SYNCT-42: Sync 2 Pull Service
        • SYNCT-43: SyncResourceManager: Method for pull object
        • SYNCT-44: SyncPersistence: Method for persist object
        • SYNCT-46: Create the Rest Client
      • FM-239: Create the FHIR Client
      • FM-204:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ ​every​ ​object.
        • FM-206:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ the Obs ​object.
        • FM-213:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ the ​Location​ ​object
        • FM-217:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ ​the Person​ ​object.
        • FM-205:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ ​the Patient ​object.
        • FM-218:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ ​the Relationship ​object.
    • Still​ ​in​ ​progress:
      • ATF-15:​ ​Create​ ​the​ ​atomFeed​ ​reader​ ​Factory
      • SYNCT-45: Add Rest Client Factory
      • FM-240: Add FHIR client factory
      • FM-204:​ ​Create​ ​FHIR​ ​Strategy​ ​for​ ​every​ ​object (Rest​ ​of​ ​openMRS​ ​classes)

Conversation​ ​results:

  • Simplify AtomFeed configuration (remove unnecessary fields)

@pkornowski Where can I find recording from this meeting?

Hi, unfortunately, because of issues with hardware, the video was destroyed. This is my fault, I forgot to push video into the cloud. Sorry about that.