OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Demo environment

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(Arkadiusz Lalo) #41

Thank you @dkayiwa. I took a look but I have an issue with using multiple versions of the dependency at the same time (I believe that first I need to add dependencies and then I can loading resources conditionally, correct me if I’m wrong).

That functionality could help if that third party library ( would be part of OpenMRS core (“This is also a handy feature if your module uses a library that you ship with your module, but it is now included in OpenMRS core.” -

(Daniel Kayiwa) #42

Yes you load it conditionally.

(Arkadiusz Lalo) #43

Exactly but as I mentioned there is the issue with using multiple versions of the dependency in Maven. That’s why I consider shipping different builds for different platform versions.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #44

Did you try creating different maven sub projects and conditionally load them? Something along these lines?

(Arkadiusz Lalo) #45

No in that module. Thanks a lot, I’ll try and then let you know if it is work.

(Arkadiusz Lalo) #46

I did as you suggested and it should works fine. Thank you @dkayiwa for your help.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #47

Thanks for updating us. Since you had already looked at that documentation, but was not helped, do you think you can update it with some more information which would have made it easier for you in the first pass?

(Arkadiusz Lalo) #48

The information placed on WIKI page is fine. When created the separate sub-modules (as you suggested) the dependency managing was more flexible and that was enough.