OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Demo environment

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currently, the Sync 2.0 provides the possibility to pull object between OpenMRS instances. In the next sprint together with Soldevelo Team, we are going to add push workflow. We need demo environment for manually testing implementation results. There is simple tree how it should look:

Sync 2.0 Network

For now, the minimal environment which will be useful for testing should be composed of 4 servers. At least 2 Childs, at least one Child/Parent and one parent.

It will be very helpful in the implementation so the question is, can we obtain these demo servers from OpenMRS, @raff @dkayiwa ?

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cc: @jslawinski, @pgesek

@raff, @dkayiwa, @darius

Is this possible to receive these demo servers from OpenMRS? It could provide us better and faster solution. It would help with testing too.

Thanks in advance for the responses.


cc: @jslawinski, @pgesek

@cintiadr what do you think of this? :slight_smile:

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@cintiadr, @burke, there’s basically a need to setup four Reference Application 2.6.0 dockerized instances. They can be running on one machine on different ports or each on a separate machine. My guess is that running all 4 on a small instance would be good enough to start with.

@cintiadr, is deploying four new instances of RefApp 2.6 in Jetstream relatively straightforward? I’d assume subdomains like sync1, sync2, sync3, and sync4 would do. While we’d like to prioritize getting these demo servers for SolDevelo, I’m sensitive to the fact that our time is running short for the server migration and you’ve got some impending travel. :slight_smile:

@burke and @raff, sure, 4 refapps on the same machine should be easy. It takes some computer time, but not really effort from my side.

Just before I start:

  • will they be upgraded independently? Do I create a docker compose app for each one, with a different tag, or same tag is fine?
  • do I copy from modules-refapp?
  • should they have backups?

Same tag is fine. You can copy from modules-refapp. No backups are needed. We need to keep data between redeploys.

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The password for admin is the same as modules-refapp. Machine is named Bamboo agents should be able to SSH it, and also I gave @raff access (so feel free to change ansible and grant access to anyone needing it).

It has datadog internal monitoring, but not pingdom (hence I won’t receive notifications on my mobile if it dies :D).


Thanks @cintiadr.

@pkornowski, I’ll work on creating a CI plan for you to do redeployments of new code and send you instructions. You can expect it by the end of tomorrow.

@cintiadr Thanks, for your effort on this! This is great news.

@raff Okay, I’ll be waiting for this. Thanks in advance!

@raff @pkornowski Are we all set up with this demo environment? Do we need anything else to test/showcase Sync 2.0 capabilities?

I think the demo servers works good. It is enough for test/showcase. I had some issues with deploying this today, but in my opinion, it was my fault.

@pkornowski Did you manage to fix the deployment issues you mentioned? We need to have a working multi-instance environment to showcase our Sync 2.0 development progress.

Unfortunately, it still occurs. I re-ran the deploy today and I will update the information about this case here.

@raff Have you any thought, why the servers didn’t update after deploy?

Is it an issue with a particular module or all modules? Do you push snapshots of modules to maven repo? Also I need some more info on which commits were not deployed. I can then investigate why.

@jslawinski Deployment issues are fixed now and the servers are up to date.

Thank’s @raff for this!

@pkornowski @raff Do we have this demo environment up and running? If yes, what is its architecture? Where can I find login credentials?

@pkornowski What use cases can be shown using this demo environment to see Sync 2.0 capabilities?

I see that the deployment failed.

Is there something wrong with the server?

@cintiadr No, it is an issue depends on deploying with dropping database data. It shows as failed because building with new database takes more time than expected. I am setting up the current version of Sync. @jslawinski, after that I’ll give you credentials.

@pkornowski Any update about demo environment?