OpenMRS Swag - Stickers and Shirts!

Hey everyone!

I promised many of you at OMRS17 to get you stickers. I’m putting together a budget proposal to get stickers AND shirts sent to all areas of the world so that way everyone can be equipped to represent OpenMRS when you’re sharing the work you’ve done.

Ordering the swag isn’t the challenge, it’s going to be distributing it to all corners of each continent! This is an endeavor I’m excited to accomplish.

@wanyee, @ssmusoke, @jmpango, @carina, and @sanjayap, would you be able to help us accomplish this?


@jeffneiman if you can get the swag into a country distribution from there is much easier. How about you put together a list of the countries and potential weights you have to send to and we can find travelers willing to donate space.

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@jeffneiman Are there any plans to send the OpenMRS swags for the GSoCers :smiley: ?

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@jeffneiman Great Idea. Uganda will highly welcome the Swag items. We cant wait to swag around!!!

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My intention is to get swag to EVERYONE that wants swag! :grinning:


Woow… Can’t wait to get one :blush:
Thanks @jeffneiman

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Would you be willing to handle delivery of a bulk order and help coordinate delivery of small batches to different countries within the continent?

The scene behind the Google Code-In was, Before the package shipping, that respected shipping company(Shumsky) send me an email to get my shipping address, and they managed the delivery through the FedEx. Google didn’t worry about these swags much this time :slight_smile:

So is it possible to find some package delivery companies like Shumsky or FedEx? They will be good for package tracking also.

Hi Jeff, absolutely!

I can help with getting swag to any of the PIH countries – Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, Lesotho, Liberia, and Sierra Leone :sunglasses:

Thanks Jeff. The teams will really appreciate stickers (AND shirts).

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Hi @jeffneiman. It sounds great. I will give you all the support.

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Thank you @jeffneiman,

This is great idea… My people will love this initiative. I will volunteer to handle the distribution in Nigeria. Let me know your thoughts and plans.

Regards Gibril Gómez

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@jeffneiman Swag :metal:.Excited. Great Idea. i am in, Lets move a head to get swag :sunglasses:.


Yes i am available to make this happen. :metal:

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Great idea! I can help get it to Mozambique. That will save $ on shipping internationally.

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Perfect, this is super helpful.

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