OpenMRS Submission for Digital Square Global Goods Funding

Hello fellow OpenMRS-ers,

As many of you know, there is a new initiative called Digital Square that is led by PATH that is focused on obtaining and coordinating funding for scalable digital health technologies as part of the global good. They recently put out a call for proposals for a new round of funding for activities to support the technology communities, the products, and the “keep the lights on” activities. OpenMRS has drafted an initial proposal for submission that is ready for more input and feedback. The funding level is fairly low for this call from Digital Square - expecting somewhere between $100k-$200k to be available for a funded proposal. So we’ve tried to use what we’ve heard folks voice consistently as requests and issues they see, and used the prioritized items from the operational plan, and turned that into the proposal. It’s not perfect and it needs input from everyone.

Here is the google doc with our initial draft:

The final edit to the proposal submission is due next Friday, the 19th of January. We are allowed to edit the submission up until that date. Please either send me comments in the Talk post here, put comments on the google doc, or send me a PM to let me know ideas to incorporate and/or things you think should be changed.

Any help is much appreciated, Jan

[1] Digital Square

[2] Call for Proposals

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This is password protected. Can you make it either more open, or non-editable and more open?

Sorry - had it open to OpenMRS emails only. Should be fixed - let me know if it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

Last call for input/feedback is tonight before editing for submission closes. Thanks everyone!