OpenMRS Strategy Discussion 2019-02-21: OpenMRS 3.0: Where and How We Play

This week, we are talking about our community process for getting to OpenMRS 3.0. Some of the questions we’ll talk about include:

  • What do we know and what do we need to know about our OpenMRS 3.0 playground?
  • What will our community process look like, especially over the next two months?
  • Who needs to be engaged? How?

If you can’t make this call for any reason and would like to contribute to the discussion, please feel free to reply to this thread! We’ll also be setting up a space for a real-time chat discussion next week (details to follow).

You are all encouraged to attend and join in the discussion! This week’s full agenda can be found here:

To join the call by phone, dial +1-888-510-4073. To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and go to

Thank you jennifer for this, we will be there

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