openMRS-Standalone 2.10 is ready to deploy or we need to make few changes

Hi there! i want to create a Health Support system and use openMRS as EHR (Electronic health record). I have planned to deploy openMRS on openShift or AWS, so that every patient is entertained through this.

My main objective is to get details of every encounter of patient with the system especially i want to know that what laboratory services were provided to patient and what were the diagnostics.

After genting data of each encounter i will be using an AI engine to detect fraudulent, or anomalous encounters.

My Questions is openMRS-Standalone 2.10 is ready to deploy? for this purpose.

Secondly how can i get the desired data from openMRS one approach is to use REST APIs, do you have any other simpler option.

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I would suggest you look at this and for the second question I would suggest you go with RestApi because it’s the easiest way to extract data from the database…however if you understand the OpenMrs database structure well then you could even write your personal raw SQL code( an example of that is if you use an API in the administrationService.executeSQL See here Nice coding

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I think the other way of getting data from openmrs is through compiling and generating reports of data from the system with the help of the reporting module